A new series on the life and times of global architect and city planner C.A. Doxiadis (1913-1975)
A neo-Byzantine monument to America's forgotten president

February 2023

And how you can help support relief efforts in the region
Bronze Age Engomi and the scramble over copper

January 2023

From Neophytos to Kykkos, a world apart, distantly inspired from the Manichean example

December 2022

Meet climate forecaster Mitch Bushuk
Reflections on a globetrotting year
The spectacular city of the dead in Paphos, Cyprus

November 2022

On novellas, semi-autobiographical elements, & satirizing the publishing industry
Presentations on Doxiadis Associates in Nigeria and the ghost city of Varosha, Cyprus

October 2022

In Bulgaria, the cult site of the ancient Thracians
Fiction anthology feat. my short story, "Falling" is available now