A humble request: Support "A Mouthful of Air" (2021 film)

A moving film on an important subject

I first met writer and filmmaker Amy Koppelman in 2017, when she was looking for a writer’s assistant. After a few test-runs, she hired me and through our work together, we became fast friends.

Soon, she allowed me to read her script-in-progress for A Mouthful of Air, an adaptation of her debut novel. I was floored by the way it depicted a horribly-under-represented issue—postpartum depression—and told it in a narrative that moved, that used drama to build sympathy for a woman whose life was coming undone.

There are few people in the world with the kindness and genius of Amy Koppelman, whose storytelling acumen and empathy set her apart in a cutthroat world of New York writers and Hollywood.

Starting October 29, 2021, A Mouthful of Air will come to a select number of theaters in the United States. The film, starring Academy Award-nominated actress Amanda Seyfried and Finn Wittrock, was a labor of love for Amy, who wrote and directed the project. It is tremendously difficult to get an indie film financed, made, and released. She did it. It’s her first time directing.

I was beyond honored to have been involved in a few small capacities as the film developed, to see this film grow, bit by bit, from script to screen.

It’s complicated to ask you to watch a movie during a pandemic. But if you are my friend, or if you subscribe to this newsletter, or just like good storytelling—and if it is safe for you to do so—please support AMOA at the cinema.

It’s a challenging film. It is dark. It is human. Amanda Seyfried is dazzling in it. Here’s the trailer. The website. Buy tickets on Fandango here.